Sunday, 15 April 2012

Off to Market we Go...

As the weather improves all our favourite sales start up again for the year and so this morning, we rose with the sparrows and headed off to a sale in Surrey. With all the best intentions to be amongst the first there, we arrived to find a bustling sale with hundreds of people eagerly tramping their beautiful purchases to their cars! There was work to do.

Over three hours later and several trips back and forth to our car, we were all spent up and ready to drag our tired, dusty bodies home for a cuppa and some breakfast.

It is always fun to get home and unpack the loot. I get washing, researching and repairing (and spiriting a few bits into my own home without Steve noticing). Those of you with wonderfully understanding partners probably know the old trick of sneaking bits in and then later when asked were it came from, replying "oh that, we've had it for ages!" I love how conveniently unobservant most men are. (Apologies to the eagle- eyed ones amongst them).

Some days are better than others, the weather holds, sellers are open to negotiate and things just generally go our way. On other occasions you remind yourself why you can justify your mark-up. Today happily was the former. We had a glorious time and I am quite stisfied that the lost sleep was well worth it.

Here are some of my favourite finds:

 A pretty little vintage silver plated bird salt and pepper set.

A selection of vintage glass.

A lovely vintage book cradle and charming little antique stuffed toys, as well as a fantastic original Pink Panther who needs his stuffing replaced but he still has his original nylon whiskers.

A striking pair of  tall silver plate candle stands which would grace any mantlepiece.

A selection of crisp vintage embroidered cloths.

 A stunning silver plate tea set.

 A fun pair of pewter hip flasks.

 A pretty large turquoise ginger jar vase.

 A selection of unusual vintage brooches.

 A sweet little, vintage boxed christening silver plate spoon and food pusher.

A collection of various console, hallway tables for Steve's workshop.

 A lovely pair of silver antique spoons and a silver plate Christening mug.

 A large silver plate floral dish.

A quirky egg shaped vintage scent bottle from the continent with a selection of vintage rings.

A selection of pretty floral china plates and cheese dish cover.
 A set of silver plate berry spoons.

and finally, a piece I could not bare to part with, a 1930's onyx and pink rose quartz footed bowl complete with carved white doves. The photo just does it no justice. It has come to live in my bedroom as a jewellery dish.

Hope you have enjoyed sharing my shopping experience today. Once upon a time, I would hit the high streets for shopping therapy and end up with a huge bill at the end of it. Nowadays nothing makes me happier than having a pocket full of change at an antiques fair, flea market or car boot sale.

Thanks for reading and happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Hey! I know which sale you were at, as I saw some of those self-same objects as I was moseying around. And what's more, you snapped up some of those cloths right ahead of me! I was green with envy seeing you find those lovelies. Mind you, the couple I got only cost me 40p, though one has now largely fallen apart in a gentle wash...What a co-incidence!

    1. Hi! Oh I wish I had known you were there it would have been wonderful to say hello! Yes, it was a good sale- 40p! I paid £5 for my bunch of cloths. She must have seen me coming.Ha ha. I won't be sticking them in the machine then. Next time please grab me and say hi. Enjoy your day, Hxx

  2. Oh what a wonderful day you had collecting more treasures! result. I am so with you on the gorgeous bird dish - I couldn't have borne to part with either! I can't wait to see Steve's magical transformations of the tables!

    1. Oh thank you. I just love the bird dish. It's special. Good luck going back to school. Hxx