Sunday, 5 February 2012

Happy New Year!

Just a quick hello, and to say Happy New Year to everyone! No, we haven't left the building. We have had a fantastic Christmas and New Year visiting our family in South Africa and celebrating a certain big birthday. Now that we are back in old Blighty, life has resumed as normal and we had a great spring clean in the shop after having sold a couple of key pieces of furniture.

Roses to remember my Granny, who sadly passed away last month after a wonderful 93 years. RIP Granny.

Boxes of handmade natural soaps wrapped in vintage paper and trimmings.


last week we also had a fashion shoot in our shop. I will post photos when we receive them.

I will leave you with a few of my favourite memories made this christmas in South Africa. Thanks for looking everyone and great to be back.

The Waterfront, Cape Town
Rhode's Memorial, and below one of my favourite sculptures "Energy" by G.F. Watts.
Birthday tea at the famous Mount Nelson Hotel.

My Dad and I.

Car of my dreams.
New Year at Montague
Revisiting the church we were married in Genadendaal near Greyton, Overberg.

The outside of Moravian Church Genadendaal.
Leading him down the garden path...
Proteas, my favourites.
Damn swimming in Montague
Seeing the daisies I painted on a tractor tyre for my sister's wedding 10 years ago, still on the hub.
Paternoster bay
Langebaan Kite surfing regatta


  1. Your break in South Africa looks superb - beautiful photos to capture your memories. The shop is also looking very enticing, and the photo shoot most exciting - will look forward to the photos. I am sorry to read of your Granny's passing - hope you have lots of happy memories to think of when you see those gorgeous roses...

    1. Many Thanks Alix for your very kind words and lovely comments. Hx

  2. Welcome Back! Glad you had a fab holiday - the pics look fantastic. So sorry to hear you lost your Granny;the roses are lovely. Mine loved roses too, she was fond of the Sanderson fabric print "Chelsea" and I have lots of cushions, curtains and even a dress to remind me of her. The shop is looking amazing, will stop by soon, half term next week ......

    1. Hi, happy New year to you too. Can't believe it's nearly half term again. Be lovely to see you. Thanks for the kind words. Hx

  3. Me back again! I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award and hope you will accept, though I won't be offended if you prefer not to! You can find more details about the award on my blog -

    1. Hi Alix, wow thanks so much, a lovely compliment.I will go and have a look at it. Thank you. Hx

  4. Lovely to see you today! The shop is looking so beautifully nostalgically Easter-y and I love my little rabbit - she's waiting to join the birds and eggs on the rubber plant!! Gxx