Monday, 10 October 2011

Bank for a Rainy Day

With the past few weeks feeling fairly gloomy with the world economic slow down, I have been thinking a lot about what has value to me. I remember once asking children in a year four class to bring their most valuable possession to school. What arrived was both fascinating and touching. Many bought their teddy, a coin dug out of the garden, a valuable heirloom or christening gift (one even bought an original Andy Warhol painting) but what everyone bought was a photo, either of a pet, a brother or sister, grandparents and of course Mummy and Daddy. I think we all know that if our houses were on fire we would grab the , kids, husband, cat, dog (not always in that order) then maybe your Cliff Richard CD collection, but I think we all agree, all we need is love..... so have no fear folks, even if we lose it all in the double dip recession we will be rich in love indeed. Tax that, Mr. Cameron!

So, as we are counting our blessings,  we would like to say a hearty thank you to our customers, both new and old alike for continuing to support us in these difficult times.  

New in the shop this week

An original 1960's oil painting of roses
This beauty is currently residing with us at home until I can bare to part with it.
A new chest of drawers by Steve

Sandersen wallpaper detail
A busy day at work, Steve enjoys a sticky bun in my Sophie Smith apron.
A nursery print by Molly Brett (sold)
Elegant drink ware for the coming festive season
Treen sock darners
Royal Albert cup and saucers
The weather has been a bit up and down so we have been playing the hokey cokey again with the furniture.
A pretty chest of drawers
Vintage pressed glass pieces
An egg storer
Several white washed boxes
I have also been busy with a few of my own projects this week in the shop.

Paper flower garlands
Glass lampwork heart token necklaces
A Lloyd Loom corner laundry basket which had a repaint (sold)
and this old piano stool which had a repaint and a reupholster in some of my favourite prints.
Pretty florals are my favourite. (sold)

Other finds....
This fabulous panel from Fontwell Racecourse which we found at a fair in Surrey. (sold)
A little clean up...and......
A wonderful prop for our window display.
I couldn't resist this little battered garden ornament. I have such a 'thing' for birds at the moment.
A Japanese mother of pearl Panel
A pair of Deco glass lampshades upcycled to be candle holders.
Various small bits of storage items
A fantastic selection of 60's and 70's Children's Library story books by Enid Blyton
A 50's ottoman
A huge crystal bowl
A painted trunk

A two seater bench (sold)
Finally, It isn't quite time to bring out the Christmas decorations. However I couldn't resist hanging out a lovely little hand knitted advent calender. Perfect for hiding little treats and gifts in.

It is difficult, when you look around the shops, not to feel the pressure to get on with putting out the Christmas stock but we are going to resist and wait till it feels more appropriate. We have some special little beauties in mind but will keep those under wraps for now.

Till next time,


  1. Oh! More gorgeous things! I just love those dear little stockings! Half term soon, and my husband is away, so a chance for some secret shopping! See you soon!

  2. Hang in there! I can't remember when I last actually earned any money, but at least its fun trying! ;-))

    Hope the weekend brings you lots of customers. (I agree, Christmas can wait...this autumn we are having needs to be enjoyed first.)

    Take care,