Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Keeping Faith...Keeping warm

We have had no heating or hot water for exactly one week, two days, eleven hours and thirty-eight minutes. We need a new boiler, or so our jolly- spirited plumber tells us. We can't afford one so a part has been ordered which apparently takes longer to source than it took for Otto von Guericke to invent the first electrostatic generator back in 1660. The material point being; what is the point of putting men on the moon if it takes two weeks to fit a tiny little part in a boiler? On the plus side I have enjoyed having my own personal hair stylist and general bathing assistant (Steve) and felt positively Downton Abbeyish having a bath drawn for me....what I have not enjoyed is the ghastly head cold I have developed from standing around in cold drafty bathrooms with nothing but a flanel and a bucket of warmish water for comfort. Bah humbug.

This week our favourite West Wimbledon baby and mummy popped in to buy a little hat to keep out the chill. Isn't she so sweet? Sue's hats have been selling very nicely now that the Autumn has arrived.

This ottoman arrived in the shop but needed a little make over. I had some pretty floral fabrics left over from the piano stool project from a couple of weeks ago so first I had to strip off the various layers of fabric. It is interesting to find what previous owners have covered it in. I feel like an archaeologist, uncovering the layers of social history. Once that is complete, the repaint can begin.

After a few days the ottoman was taking shape. It was an unusual one as it had a foam pad to the lid which had been added. I also was determined to reuse the lovely original whicker braiding but had to paint it white first before I could attach it.

Finally, it took its place in the shop. Happily, it found a new home the following morning. 

Another project I am busy with is this lovely little French glass display case.

I have kept the original wallpaper which is a pretty floral and butterflies. More on this project next time.

This pine storage box  has been painted in a colour I mixed myself. It will make a good toy box or blanket box. (sold)
I have also been busy with more glass up cycles and cake stands. Smaller bowls will make butter dishes, larger ones, cake domes.
 A vintage rabbit jelly mould butter or pate dish (sold)

 A  Lalique style butter dish

 A Victorian glass cover

A larger cheese dish

Mix 'n match three tier cake stands

More vintage teacup vanilla scented candles

 TG Green Cornishware mugs with Tea towel gift sets

Last week we traveled up to Warwickshire to meet our new great niece, Ava Rose. To welcome her to the world we asked the lovely Chrissie, one of our customers, to crochet a very special cashmerino cot blanket for her. We loved it so much that we placed an order for the shop and so have introduced the 'Millie Rose' and the 'Ava Rose'.

A Plant Tuscan breakfast set for two

 1940's  Maling lustre sundae or grape fruit dishes

 Tuscan pink tea set

 Carlotta Edwards Ballet print from the 50's (sold)


A silver plate christening set

 A huge champagne bowl (sold) and below some sweet little silver plate dishes

A selection of vesta cases, snuff boxes and other man-tiques (especially with the gents in mind this Christmas)

Well, as you can see things are heating up for a busy Christmas in the shop. Let's hope our house does the same and soon otherwise I'll be writing to Santa with just one thing on my wish list: a new boiler.



  1. Oh! Sorry to hear you are without heating and hot water - lets hope you'll be all hooked up again very soon! Love what you have done with the glass and china to make totally new things. Blankets are lovely too. I learnt how to make granny squares, but it would take me years to make enough for even a teeny cot blanket! Lets hope for mild weather until your boiler is fixed!

  2. All looking magnificent as usual, guys. I am sure Christmas is going to bring a lot of pressie hunters to your door! Mia loved her bracelet and all her friends are admiring it so we've told them where to go (in a polite way).
    You're always welcome to have a shower/bath here but it's a long walk from Raynes Park to Motspur Park in your towel and shower cap!!! Hope it is fixed soon, been in that situation a couple of times and it's no fun.