Sunday, 23 October 2011

Highlights from the studio

This term has been colourful!  For me Autumn always means drawing...and lots of it,  so after several observational classes we let our hair down a bit with these fabulous Hundertwasser- inspired plates using ceramic pens on white ceramic plates.

Sam had tried this class before so pressed on with a ceramic paint technique. Her butterflies really turned out beautifully.

I think it's a combination of great company and a little wine to grease the works but, what fun we have had this half term.
My after school club tried a little observational work too and created these striking abstracts called Froggy pond.

Three clever muskateers.

Another highlight would have to be the Pop Art chalk pastel studies on black paper, created by my brilliant Adult students. Andy, eat your heart out.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you found these works as exciting and inspiring as I did. Autumn always feels like a good time to start a hobby or dust off some old skills. It was great inviting several new students to class and I am looking forward to the new students who have signed up for next term.



  1. Oh my, I am loving the Pop Art. You guys are fabulous!

  2. What talented students you have! Must be their great teacher! I love Hundertwasser - my husband got me a great coffee table book for my birthday a few years ago. Have you been to Vienna to see the houses in situ? Fabulous! (and you can enjoy the superb Kaffee und Kuchen culture whilst you are there....!)