Tuesday, 30 August 2011

True Blue and Wight

As promised a quick blog about my new found love affair with blue and white china. Last weekend we packed up our dog and a bag and raced off to Portsmouth to catch a car ferry to the Isle of Wight for a surprise overnight stay for Steve's birthday.

We stayed at Brightstone holiday camp in a fabulous 1950s Mayflower caravan owned by the fabulous
Vintage Vacations. Mabel was home away from home. What fun we had staying in a camping site that time forgot about.

We were perched on the top of a cliff top with a gorgeous fossil beach which we had lovely walks along.

With no telly we settled in for a night of proper ginger beer and a rather competitive round of "The Merry Game of Floundering"

We drifted off to sleep dreaming strange dreams of aran knits. Hmmmm??

The next day we packed up our goods and headed off to explore a little bit of the island. We discovered a cove called Steephill Cove. If ever I felt I was one of the five in Enid Blyton's Famous bunch it was here.

I had been told about a curious carboot sale that happened every Monday Afternoon at 5pm. Apparently a good pair of elbows were required. Thinking I was quite a seasoned booter I thought I would have no problems. I should have known it would be a bun fight by the fact that the queue began two hours before the fair! There were around 1000 in the queue by the time it opened.

When the gates opened it was every man for himself. I felt like a rabbit in the headlights. I headed straight for a quieter far corner of the sale and bumped straight into a large box which made a sound I am very familiar with. The sound of chinking china. I lifted the lid and there, in stack upon stacks, of beauty lay dozens of lovely blue and white china plates, each in pristine condition, some patterns I recognized, some not but what I did know was, I had to have the box whatever the cost. After a chat the gentleman explained he had recently sold an antique furniture shop and had used the plates to add colour to the sale room. We came to an arrangement and the plates were mine.

The sale was crazy and although I did manage to find a few more lovelies, the plates were my find of the day. Once we got back to London I gave them a good wash and we set about turning them into cake stands. Although my real soft spot is for the pretty pinks and pastels, I am smitten by the fresh and striking nature of the blues. They remind me of china my granny used to serve homemade chicken soup in when we were kids.

I love  how the willow patterns and Cornishware work so well together. Somewhere deep in each of our memories lies a pattern in blue and white and nothing to me speaks more of pure nostalgia then grannie's china.

I then looked around the shop and realised quite a few blue bits have been creeping in without me noticing.

So here's to the blues. Long may they continue to bring a splash of colour and nostalgia to any kitchen.
Today in their first day in the shop we found homes for three blue and white cake stands. One a wedding gift, one going off to Australia and another for a brand new kitchen which has just been refitted. Another has been reserved for a birthday gift so I think it is fair to say, the blue china is a hit.

A few other bits we found on the Isle Of Wight

Our very happy weekend was a great escape. We will definitely be returning to a little corner of England that feels truly unspoilt, a slice of paradise to us.


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  1. Oh how lovely! Being a Dorset girl, as children we used to make the trip from Lymington to the island often. It's always sunny, and it does feel like a time warp when you go there. I have a little dream of being a seaside landlady there (or Norfolk) when we retire! Love the caravan! I must look into that for our next trip. What super finds - very Oscar-Wildean, all that blue and white china, and I love how they have become cakestands.The other things are beautiful too, how you can bear to part with them, I really don't know!