Sunday, 28 August 2011

Happy Birthday to us....

A first birthday passes most humans by without them even realising it. It's more about the parents   celebrating that they have survived the first year of parenthood and are still sane? (semi-sane will do) The first birthday of a shop is no different. Remarkably our first birthday occurred on 7th August 2011. It has been a year of late nights, sleepless nights, early mornings, many changes, headaches, teething problems and lots of readjusting to living a life that revolves around the newest arrival in one's life. We are a year older, a year wiser and a year into this adventure.

It therefore seemed fit to reflect on all that we have achieved. Most things are the same. Steve still hauls large bits of furniture around our neighbourhood on impossibly tiny sack barrows, this time it was the turn of my much loved (dare I say it?) Ikea dresser. It had served its purpose and so I made the brave decision to exchange it with a teeny tiny but tasty little vintage dresser from the shop.

It has been a fantastic addition to the shop and I could have sold it twenty times over... doh! But, I have decided it is a great display item and so for now it will stay with us.

Meanwhile, at home I have had the terrible task of downsizing my china collection. You might remember my dismay at the prospect a few months ago in my blog. We are trying to adopt the one in; one out rule but lately even that has been challenged as we have been using a one in, ten out sort of ratio in order to simplify our lives at home.

That said, I still have managed to shoe horn as much of my china as possible into this teeny tiny dresser.

One day I will live in a big farm house and we will have space for all my beauties to breathe but for now, in our little Victorian garden flat in London, this will have to do.

The shop still has a decidedly 'pink' feel about it although lately I have been enjoying the blue and whites again (more about this in a later blog).
Our new line of vintage children's clothing has been widely admired.

There is a greater presence of silver plated goods which I love and make fabulous wedding, christening and special occassion gifts.

The Upcycled glass has been a brilliant and very popular addition to our stock.

Small 50's pieces are more popular than ever.

Vintage Textiles have definitely enjoyed a revival and more and more people are favouring upcycled pieces over new designs.

Victoriana is enjoying a revival too
Upcycled Lloyd Loom pieces are very desirable.

Basically, nostalgia is in! Hallelujah!

We are grateful to everyone who has supported us in our first year, those who have kept our spirits up from both near and afar, those who have supported us with their custom, the surprise pop- ins from friends who we know are busy juggling busy lives but always find time for a cuppa and a catch up.

We are mindful of how blessed we are to have a business in difficult times, a business that has held its own and hopefully will continue to do so. Our lives will never be the same and at times it's hard to remember just how tough our lives were before we left it behind to follow a dream. There are definitely rough waters ahead and we hope we will make it through.
 A year ago our shop was a brown unloved empty property.

Today, it is full of life, it is a community, a hub, a place were a warm welcome and cup of tea are always on offer.

 We may never become millionaires doing what we do but we love it all the same. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has been a friend to Nicholas &Steele. Here's to a great second year!

Holly and Steven xx



  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! Here's to many more for your beautiful shop.

  2. Congratulations! Your shop looks a veritable Aladdin's cave - I can imagine whiling away hours there! Hope you enjoyed a glass of something sparkly to celebrate!

  3. Congratulations on your first shop Birthday! Long may you continue to do what you love!! Lizzie

  4. Happy Birthday Nicholas & Steele!
    Keep doing what you love, as it shows through in heaps throughout your gorgeous shop...
    Here's to the next 12 months...(whatever is thrown at us! ;-))
    Niki x

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! I have an August birthday too! More lovely things. You've made a modern dresser look beautifully vintage with the way you've organised it. Many happy returns, and here's to increasingly prosperous fortune in the future!

  6. Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns! Good luck with the next and all the following years! It all looks lovely and, as ever, I wish I lived nearer so I could pop in and browse.

  7. Your shop is gorgeous. I envy all the beautiful things you get to surround yourself with. COngratulations on making it a year!

  8. Congrats Holly and Steve, love the shop and all your stories! See you soon.