Thursday, 17 March 2011

In No Particular Order - Hipstamatic vintage pics or (how to keep your husband amused forever)

A quick photographic log of life at Nicholas & Steele taken on the Hipstamatic app on Steve's iphone.

A sour clementine

Minton coffee set

lovely french bistro chairs

Spring daffodils

Vintage Easter display bunny

New cushions

Love these Staffordshire Chick egg cups

Lovely sun, sun sun!

Steve takes his revenge


  1. What lovely things-I really don't know how you can bear to part with them! I think I shall try and persuade my husband to get the hipstamatic app on his iphone - love the effects you can get. Will hope to pop in for my first visit next Sat - have a concert in St Matthew's.

  2. As promised, I made my first (of many I'm sure) visit to your lovely shop on Sat and fell in love with the beautiful pink tea service! I will return when I have more time and it isn't Lent, so I can allow myself a little indulgence.

  3. Hi Skyblupink. Thanks for visiting us. Please say hi next time you are here. It would be lovely to meet you. Hollyx