Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I am really struggling to write a blog this morning, mainly because of the weight of a dog's head resting on my hand.

Things really are progressing quickly in the shop and we are on a course to open our doors officially this Saturday at 10am. Steve has painted the whole front of the shop with Slipper Satin and just needs to finish the second coat today.

Less eaty-eaty more painty-painty Mr!

Meanwhile inside, I waded through box after box sorting the stock.

The habberdashery drawers are now full with a job lot I bought of sewing and knitting implements dating from before the war. It really is a little piece of social history; old knitting magazines giving tips on how to make your rations go further, cards of war rationed buttons and elastic, needlework transfers for hand embroidered table cloths and hankies, strange implements relating to sewing which one can only guess what they were for. Great fun just to have a root through.
I also brought some old trunks and suitcases from our home to use as display items. This one has our book selection and some old vinyls.

A Victorian christening gown and lace boleros

Our poor home is looking rather depleted as the kitchen table has also been requisitioned for duty. It now houses our cake stands and various other bits.

The wot-not occupies a nice little gap between two dressers.

Next, it was time to sort out a place to display my cushions. We found this gorgeous old trunk on a rainy day at a carboot. It still has old travel tags and destination tickets attached to it. I began by lining it with a piece of Cath Kidston wallpaper.

I lined the bottom too and left it to dry. Later the cushions were stacked loosely into it. I like it.

Meanwhile.... we took delivery of our final dresser, one destined for the window display.

I took some time over the dressing of the dresser, trying to display a few bits of everything. I think it turned out alright although it's hard to know as we will only clean the Windowlene on Friday night and be able to view it from the outside.

Next, I found more vintage toys;

some more bits for my Man-tique corner;

We also bought our garden chair and table to the shop to use in the window.

I then set up a few 1960s cake stands and pottery teacup sets.

Some of the bits that we plan to use outside the shop;

Throughout the day we had several visitors quite keen to know when we will be opening. It's all good. We are getting quite excited and a little bit nervous. Now to price everything up. Gulp.


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