Sunday, 1 August 2010


Once upon a time, Steven Nicholas lived a quiet life, filled with all a man could wish for; a good job, Saturdays spent shouting at the ref at the football eating chicken balti pies, a large and very fast motorbike, week end cycles on his mountain bike all that makes for a happy existence. So when he found himself on a Saturday, for the seventeenth day in a row, painting a shelf pink he began to feel very sorry for himself. He looked around and saw that his life had been overtaken by pretty things;

So he rang his nephew who came to the rescue bearing gifts (pizza and drinks)

After that his mate Will popped in and swore a lot and insulted the wallpaper and all the pretty girly stuff. They all had a good old laugh but Holly didn't mind because she knew that, that's what boys do (and actually it was quite funny), and after wards, Steve didn't feel so bad anymore.


Hee hee. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I do often wonder at the bottomless patience my husband has and yesterday I was almost moved to tears when he said "This isn't my thing, but I know it makes you happy so it makes me happy." Sorry to be cheesy but I quite like him.

He didn't quite feel the same however when I decided that the big white electricity cupboard (known fondly as the white elephant in the room) that houses the building's telephone exchange and gas meter needed a face lift.

I had bought a roll of the planets most expensive, Nina Campbell wallpaper and had planned to use it sometime in a display.

It came to me that it might look really funky on the 'white elephant' so Steve set about pasting the paper. He was a little worried as his only experience at wallpapering had occurred one Sunday at home and it involved a roll of Cath Kidston Roses paper, a chimney breast in our kitchen, and plenty of blue air. This should have been easier as it was just a cupboard.....

The cupboard before:

and after:

As you can see, we loved it so much we used the left over on the door behind the counter. This signature wall and door are a great way of bringing interest to otherwise dull features and is really fun. We are hoping it will be a talking point if nothing else. Certainly we will enjoy our increasingly unique and colourful place of work. (no parrots were harmed in the making of this project).

Mark stayed till late and it was so lovely to have him to chat to and bounce some ideas around. He cycled off into the night (minus lights on his bike which was only a little worrying) and we felt really glad to have him in London.

We had begun the day feeling a little down because we had missed our deadline for the shop opening but we had such a fun day, with visits from Sue, Alanda and Anne. Monique popped by to say goodbye and good luck before her holiday to Egypt, Sea and Bruce, Wil and Mark. We also had many strangers popping in to say hi, including the deputy mayor who has promised to "keep an eye on us" (we are hoping that wasn't a threat but think it was meant kindly) and met someone who actually knew Cath Kidston. Gasp!

It is so liberating setting ones own time line. We know we need to get trading, but we love the journey so have decided to keep working until it is ready. In the meantime, life is sweet and we are just loving it and all the interesting people we are meeting along the way and all of your kind and generous comments. We will keep you posted as to the grand opening.

I will sign off with a sneak preview at some new displays I put together yesterday.

Have a super Sunday everyone.

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