Monday, 2 August 2010


Ooh la la! What do we have here? Yesterday was car boot day and we had a really good shop. The thing about a car boot is that no matter what your good intentions are, you always come away with things you would never have put on the 'list of things to buy' and oddly enough spend more than you were planning to.

Take a look at these:

These are 1890s Edison Amberol records for a phonograph. The titles, in some cases, are handwritten on the lids.

and this mystery object:

Anyone want to guess what this is. *answer at the bottom of today's blog

The best thing about a car boot is when you get home, and after a cup of tea, unpack the bags and admire all your fascinating finds. Often I get ideas for displays by laying them out on the kitchen table and grouping together similar items. I also get to make a closer inspection of the quality and condition of the objects and decide what is good enough to sell or simply to keep. As many of you know my own home is a constant changing exhibition of finds, some of which end up for sale and others become part of my own collection. Here are some of my favourite finds;

A pair of 1920's Terrier dog bookends
A French shop sign

My collection of old classics

A WW II poster which was used to celebrate the end of the war and now welcomes guests into our home

A gorgeous campaign union jack flag

A German piano baby

A Champion Spark plugs advertising prop and my Mrs Beetons Shilling cook book.

a sweet little hand painted love bird

and this pair of kittens on a vase which I found for a couple of pounds at the Grand drive carboot. It is in perfect condition and spent most of last summer being knocked around the kitchen containing the product of our over zealous hydrangea. Little did I know the crossed blue swords underneath are the makers mark for Meissen. It now lives on a shelf high up, well away from danger.

Finally, Steve's French dog cart which now lives in our garden and....

this teeny little fully operational vintage push along mower.

Yesterday we found a Tri ang pram, a few footstools (we have a plan for those, keep watching) a sweet little miniature butler sink, a wooden towel rail and a 1930/40s sledge.
We found a selection of interesting old books including a rare edition of the Tales of Babar as told by Enid Blyton

A selection of art deco glass bowls and jelly moulds

A selection of sweet little whimsy vases

Beautiful hand embroidered table cloths, some of which will be turned into cushions.

and a stunning part tea set in my favourite colour, duck egg blue.

The most exciting moment is when you open the dishwasher after it is finished and see all those beautiful sparkly vintage items staring back at you, often as gorgeous as they were the day they were made. God love a dishwasher!

After the car boot sale, we went to The Packhouse to do our weekly stock take and tidy. It was really busy. By the time we got home it was getting late and we were both tired so we popped over to the shop to unload some of the stock then decided to take the afternoon off. Steve fell asleep on the sofa while I tinkered in the kitchen with the car boot loot.

A good day all in all.

*Answer - a Victorian hot water bottle

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