Saturday, 17 July 2010


A groggy good morning to you all. Turned out Pimms o'clock can last well into the early hours of the morning. We had fun at the Canizarro Comedy Festival last night. A real good laugh. Check out Pippa the Ripper on You Tube. The most amazing hoola hoop Performer. Just love her 50's look. Also Mr.B a hilarious Chap Hop act on a banjo (posh hip hop). Heavy on words like 'nincompoop' and 'hellooeuw"

Yesterday, I experienced the joy and thrill of retail - an irate customer. (and we haven't even opened our doors yet.) My phone rang, right in the middle of applying my first coat of primer to the shop front door.
A lady phoned to tell us that we were supposed to be open and why weren't we and she had come all the way to see us and we weren't open? ("all the way" being 3 minutes around the corner from her school were she works - teachers!) My knee jerk reaction was to make fake white noise sounds and say "ooh sorry we have a bad line here" and hang up but, start as you mean to go on, so I politely explained there had been a delay with the lease and that all was on track and we should be opening our doors in the next few weeks. Huh! she replied and hung up. It's easy to imagine wrapping ones hands around a throat and squeezing very hard at moments like that but I took it as a compliment- we are eagerly anticipated!

So what did we manage yesterday; Take a look:

1) Windowlened and masked up the windows

2) Obliterated every trace of (on the peachy side of ) Magnolia!



......MORE DURING (Roxy debuting as our shop dog and general feel good factor mascot)

3) Obliterated all traces (to my lanlord's surprise and consternation) of the 80's brown woodstain on the inside of the shop window.


AFTER (nearly)

4) Managed to annoy the drug dealers upstairs. (Well who knew the flashy black Aston Martin brazenly parked under our newly erected "polite notice-No parking" sign belonged to what Steve describes as Rory Breaker (the mad one with the affro) from Lock Stock and Two smoking barrels.)

So all in all a good day's work. Keep watching for more 'scintillating' news.

Happy Saturday everyone! Hx

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