Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Top of the morning to ya! Last night we actually slept. We seem to both have been hit with a nasty case of insomnia, whether it's because we are over-tired, high on paint fumes or just over-excited, who knows but it was a relief to get some good sleep last night.

Today is a very exciting day as Steve's Australian, celebrity cousin Bob is coming to our shop to see us. He is on the UK leg of his tour with his band and singer Nicki Gillis. Our first celebrity visitor! Ha ha. (It counts, even though it is family).

Yesterday was a day of plodding. We went to the Wickes superstore in Summertown to buy some picture railing and a few other bits. I feel quite at home now in places like B&Q and Wickes and find myself pointing out the way to the wall plugs for grumpy builder types and white van drivers. (I class myself in the first category). In fact our trusty car 'Wanda' is now able to self steer to the Shanon corner B&Q and I catch my bank card doing warm up stretches before we have even parked up.

Afterwards, we stopped in at the lock up (no wasted journeys) to pick up some more stock. We near on filled the back room with boxes of it.

My 'build your own charm bracelets' got a sort and have found a temporary home on the habberdashery counter.

But more importantly, Steve began work on the fascia boards. We have booked the traditional sign writer for Friday (get the brollies out) and after a long chat with him yesterday, Steve's brief had been discussed so he set off to work on getting ready.

We bought these boards at B&Q (see paragraph 3) as we felt that the current fascia boards looked too narrow. As there are offices above us neither can they go too high as they will block the dweller's view so we settled for a 60cm high sign. This does leave a little conundrum as to what to do with the white space that will be caused on either side of our name because the shop front is actually quite wide but Talitha, my fabulous designer friend, to the rescue! She came up with a simple yet lovely design (you will have to wait to see it) which will work quite nicely. First the back sides needed wood preserver applied. Then they had to dry (101 uses for a step ladder).

Then they had two coats of primer. (we never seem to be able to work on the same project without a paint fight ensuing but may I just add; I believe that all those ridiculous rom coms, where newly weds move into their first home together and end up passionately kissing mid paint fight has less to do with romance and more to do with paint fumes- for the record).

By the end of the evening this is what we had achieved; One 6 meter+ sign in the making!

By then I had, had enough and went home via the Co-op, to have a run around in the garden with Roxy and cook dinner. Steve, the plodder that he is, tackled my latest nemesis; the habberdashery drawers! I have really hit a wall with these. I find myself WABBING (work avoidance behaviour) at the very mention of them. Suddenly, the rubbish needs taking out or the coffee mugs look like they need a rinse or an unopened box of stock desperately needs investigating anything other than paint those wretched drawers! So when the rain put paid to Steve's late night shop front priming, he tackled my drawers (ooh la la).

All in all, a day of plodding but one step at a time.

Have a good day in the trenches everyone and to all my teacher friends, don't you just love school holidays!

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