Sunday, 18 July 2010


This Sunday morning I awoke to the usual sound of St. Matthews (the church across the road from our shop) ringing out to their faithful parishioners, a merry wake up call to worship. As usual, I rolled over and sighed the deep contented sigh of the employed as it was Sunday, my day of rest and work was something to be put off until the fading light of Sunday afternoon, when all signs of Sunday roasts have been tidied away, a clothes wash been put on and the reality of the new working week looms. eyes flew open as the reality dawned; I no longer reside in the category of plump, middle class, city dweller in sheltered employment. I am a newly unemployed worker (still plump) who had better get out of bed and paint the shop. Our public awaits.
Last night we (Steve) painted till 11.30pm while I stared at my toes listening to Absolute 90s on our faithful Robert's radio. I popped out to get some dinner, and came back to find Steve listening to Gaydar - and wiggling his hips to club anthems. He he. I knew it, there's closet in all of us!

So what progress? Take a look:

The inside now looks transformed- no more velvet blinds blocking out the light or brown varnished windows.

The tester pot of Farrow and Ball 'Slipper Satin' was applied to the shop front to many oohs and aahs!

Our first piece of shop display furniture arrived from the West Midlands. Lovely innit!

Our tools of the trade; A tin of tea, biscuits and treats for our shop dog, Roxy.

What Roxy thinks we are up to, heaven alone knows, but her doggy patience and endless moments of belly achingly funny antics keeps us lucky we are to have such a loyal side kick.

This afternoon we visited B&Q and found some fabulous lighting for our display window; little Hollywood style movie set lights. So sweet. We also measured up and bought the wood for our shop fascia. Steve (the brains behind the business) has carefully designed a gorgeous shop front. (keep visiting for more on that later).

Thanks to all those who have sent encouraging and complimentary messages. They are gratefully received and if any of you are in the area, feel free to pop in for a cup of tea. We promise not to hand you a paint brush and get you working. Well, not immediately. Hx

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