Sunday, 25 July 2010

Is it just me or is tact going out of fashion? It amazes me how a shop opening in a neighbourhood seems to attract so much attention. Every day, we open our doors to allow the various fumes and poisonous gasses to ventilate (and that's just Steve's by-products) and to allow the paint to air. One by one, the curious residents saunter up to the door and poke their heads around it. This is when a sort of 'Russian Roulette' of unsolicited opinion is vented. Some are indeed 'bullets' straight to the heart ranging from; "your classes will never work" to "Room Remedies has been here for years and are doing this sort of thing already" to the posh brigade of yummy mummies who said "oh darling.....we won't be interested in your art classes but we might like to pop in some time to see your little shop." AAAARRRAAAAGGGHHHHHH!

I wonder if the person who felt obliged to tell us that we were doomed to certain failure as she had tried getting local ladies to sign up to her "Nipkin dezin" ( napkin decoupage design courses) had thought that, well....the jig is up! They have already paid their non- refundable deposit, the paint is drying on their walls, the shop sign about to go up! NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE TELLING US WE ARE RUBBISH! (deep breaths...sunshine in ...sunshine out.)

Mercifully, for every detractor, there is a fan just longing for our doors to open but what is becoming crystal clear is that when you open a shop, it is not just the doors of a building that you open, it is the door to your heart where you parade your hopes and dreams, your tastes your attitudes, your very soul is laid bare and becomes the domain of the public and it is worth remembering that the public might not 'tread lightly' on those dreams. Most come sporting hobnail boots.The fairy godmother of retail does not exist (unless you are Mary Portas) So, onwards and upwards and all that. (anybody got a bullet proof vest?)

Yesterday was fun. We got up really early and made our way to the shop to be there in time for a delivery of a beautiful dresser from the Midlands. It arrived a bit later than anticipated (lunch time) but nevertheless it took my breath away.

It is a lovely pale 'duck egg blue' and is circa. 1950 with a stripped and waxed oak work top. I am going to use this in our opening shop window display and if anybody wants to buy it they are going to have to wrestle me for it.

I then nipped out to our newest little friend, Cameron's, first birthday party (my 'nipping out' turned into 3 hours) and by the time I got back, Steve had worked his magic and hung several of our shop display shelves. I was relieved not to find him lying in a heap of post electrocution as our electricity 'tester' had been testing him all morning with its random offerings. Either the very air in our shop is electric or the 'free' tester we received when we bought a drill last year was free for a very good reason. Needless to say, gorgeousness is now spreading across the wall behind our counter and my husband lives to tell the tale.

Do you remember this;

Steve let me apply some of my colour mixing skills and a paint brush to this rather boring pine plate rack and tadaaaaaaa! first solo project. I hope you will approve....

but the 'piece de resistance' has to be our Victorian shop counter (see blog DAY 4) , lovingly restored by the Stevemeister himself - our ironic take on the state of British trade;

The habberdashery counter is a third of the way completed. Those pesky gradated drawers are proving to be a labour of love but will be worth it, only eight more drawers to go!

Finally, I began poking some vintage 'bling' into my mannequin and got really excited when the overall look started to come together.

A very wise friend once said to me; "if you can't polish a turd, then roll it in glitter." I love her for saying that and am enjoying fulfilling that creative brief.

Have a lovely, restful Sunday everyone.

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  1. Can't believe you have to put up with that rubbish!!! It especially 'sucks' because you have to take it all and smile!!! We love and support you both and for every one of those there are ten eager customers and students champing at the bit!