Saturday, 31 July 2010


Day sixteen began , surprise surprise, with a man up a ladder. (There are plenty of those around in my world these days). The lovely, and very talented Shaun returned to complete the sign. All that was needed was the border.

The red tape masked the impossibly thin pin stripe, a task I would not recommend after a big night out. Happily Shaun looked completely sober and nonplussed by the whole thing.

After the tape was peeled and Tadaaaaaa! We have lift off!

Meanwhile I had thought it might be nice to have a desk of sorts against the wall behind the counter so Wanda drove Steve to B&Q and bought a huge plank of wood and some brackets which he cut, then fixed to the wall and painted up with primer. (clever clogs!)

While he was doing that we propped open the doors to let in some air using the two fire extinguishers which hang on the wall were Steve had just built the desk. There was a knock on the door and who was there? Only the fire safety man come to do an inspection. Needless to say we were told off(very nicely) for using the fire extinguishers as door stops. Doh!

Steve also finished putting up the remaining picture rail.

By then, we had plucked up enough courage to go and introduce ourselves to the local vintage style garden shop who, we were a little worried, might think we were setting up a pitch on their turf. They were very nice and seemed to relax when I explained that a few garden gnomes and bepansied teacups would never possibly compete with their extensive and rather 'planterly' stock. The nice guy from O'briens Hi Fi arrived mid-chat, looking rather ruffled. He explained he had uncovered a 'viscious' and dangerous scam to which most of the shops on Durham Road had fallen foul of: Welsh John and the phantom flier drop. Apparently he goes around to all the local shops explaining that he is keen to help local small businesses promote themselves and that for a nominal fee he will go around and drop any promotional material through well chosen letter boxes. Everyone feels sorry for him and so have leaflets made and pay him a fee to do the drop. He then takes the packet of leaflets to the next shop and asks if he can leave them there while he drops yours off, only he never returns. He then takes yours to the next shop etc etc.
It was hilarious as the O'brien guy had gone to every shop in the road and uncovered no less than five different shop's leaflets that had been squirreled away in that manner.
We had a good laugh and will definitely look out for ol' Welsh John when he comes our way.

After a quick lunch we went to the lock up again! This time we brought a dresser and several boxes of stock as well as odd bits and pieces back to the shop. When we arrived back to unload what should we find but the 'drug dealers from upstairs parked in our parking, AGAIN! Grrrrrr...
May the flees of a thousand camels...and all that!

This is the state of play in the back room (known fondly as the graveyard).

and this is the state of play in the shop, and we were supposed to be opening the next day? Not a chance!

So we decided to put in a few more hours and worked till 10 last night. At 9.45pm a drunken Saffa fell through the shop door, who we had never met before in our lives. He was wielding two, 9 roll packs of double ply loo roll and looked like he had been rung home from the pub by his wife and told in no uncertain terms to get his a*** home and not to forget the loo roll she had sent him out for two hours before.. "Can I help you" I asked " Yah man. What are you guys doing in here?" was his rather slurred reply. " We are opening a shop. "Yah man I can see that, but what is it exactly you are selling?" "Vintage and antiques" we replied.
He then took a slow deliberate look around and uttered these unforgettable words " Jees, I hate this f******ing sh*t man! It reminds me of my grandmothers. Maybe my wife will like it hey. Good luck man" and off he went. Nice.

So at 10 pm two exhausted and rather 'bruised' souls left after a 14 hour working day feeling a little down cast but here are some snap shots of what we left behind.

But don't worry, we won't let one drunken bloke dampen our spirits for long!

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone.


  1. Hey it's looking amazing! We called in yesterday to say hi & peeped through the window!

  2. Do you have Beatrix Potter's Appley Dapley? very hard to find and it is siennna's favourite! If you do keep a copy and my mom in law will collect when in the neighbourhood! mayax