Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Yesterday our lovely cleaner, Elizabeth, who never complains about anything ( In fact she rarely speaks largely due to the English - Polish barrier or perhaps it's because of the time Roxy grabbed her by the shoe at home time and held on for half an hour) walked in to our house and did what every home maker dreads, she winced and sucked air between her teeth whilst shaking her head at the same time. To say that our home has been sadly neglected over the past week is an understatement. In particular, the living room has been turned in to a cake stand warehouse.

Our kitchen table houses my growing collection of Sadler, 1930s Crinoline Lady teapots as well as mix 'n match trios.

Needless to say, I promised her that when she returns from her three week holiday our house would be back to normal (normal is such a broad term). I could see that she hoped rather than believed it to be true which meant my timing with discussing her annual raise couldn't have been better.

Yesterday was a good day in the shop. After a slow start(me) Steve began work on the shop front, sanding and preparing the wood. I think he was suffering yesterday, those windows starting to get the better of him. In any event, excellent progress was made and by close of play yesterday most of the front had been primed.

I tackled my next nemesis, a second cane chair which my great friend Sanet gave to us to be used as our behind the counter shop chair.

I then set about recovering their cushions on my trusty Elna sewing machine (no swearing at all mom).

The first cover was more tricky as it had side panels so I unpicked the original cover and used those pieces as a template to resew a cover using vintage Sanderson 'Tea Roses' print fabric. I hadn't tried anything like this before so was suitably impressed with the outcome. The second cover was fairly straight forward.

After all that hard work, it was time for tea. Except..... who left the teaspoons at home?

Never mind, one screw driver later and tadaaaaa!

I then set about creating a 2.5 m length of up cycled bunting (made from vintage embroidered items which are either damaged or no longer useful) and red gingham.

Today we hope to take delivery of our last two dressers for the shop. We also have an appointment at the bank to set up our business account (all very serious). This evening I start a new summer art course for 8 students in my garden studio. Looking forward to it.

I am looking for a suitable title for this photo. All answers on a postcard. The winner will receive free cups of tea at Nicholas&Steele and a re cycled (not sure about up cycled) husband. Hee Hee!

Happy Wednesday people.

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  1. answer on a postcard: 'I'm not seeing straight'


    loving the updates.