Saturday, 24 July 2010


After a late night at the shop we decided to catch up on some sleep, then headed to The Packhouse to retrieve a shelf which we felt would prove useful in the shop. The Packhouse is a vintage and antique center in Surrey where we have been trading for the past year. It is extremely busy as it has a lovely tea room and over one hundred dealers trading under one roof in a lovely grade II listed barn. Collette, my dear and very clever friend (not to mention vintage wing man), introduced me to it a year ago. We used to walk around car boot sales together and imagine ways of making a business of what we loved the most; junking for vintage items. One day, Collette and I sat at the fabulous Petersham nurseries, surrounded by gorgeous vintage garden finds.

We hatched a plan of how it might work. Tears were shed about the frustration of feeling trapped in the wrong job and she said, "when the time is right you will know when to leave." So when an innocent trip, three months later to the Packhouse just outside of Guildford, resulted in me leaving with a rental agreement for the smallest corner the Packhouse had on its books, we both knew the journey had begun.

We started in a corner with just a few things.

The public of Surrey seemed to enjoy our take on 'up cycling' and it soon became clear, we were going to need a bigger area.
When one of the longer standing traders fell ill and had to leave the Packhouse with very little notice, we were offered her space. Two months after that, an adjoining area was vacated and it resulted in us having one of the more substantial stands right in the heart of the Packhouse where we have been trading till this day.

After a quick tidy up and nicking of the shelf , we stopped off at Champion Timber to research some architraving for our shop sign. We found a gorgeous design called "Victorian Period". Of course we will need a second mortgage to afford the 15- odd meters we will require but we think it will be well worth splashing the cash on.

We had every intention of spending more time in the shop yesterday but after a busy afternoon, we decided our energies would best be spent cooking a home cooked meal, taking Roxy out for a jolly good walk, watering the garden and renting a DVD from Blockbusters. Life felt a little normal again.......but, like all good journeys, there has to be an immense effort before the cruise.

I am grateful to those who stood by me when I needed a nudge, who didn't laugh when I told them I was selling my car booty in an antique center. To the impossibly joyful postman who carried hundreds of packages up the steep school drive from ebay, to my long suffering mom who has to listen patiently to me rattling off my long list of 'finds' during our international calls and especially to the man at my side who has learnt never to ask "why did you buy that?" I am and remain eternally grateful.

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