Thursday, 29 July 2010


Well, well, well. What do we have here? My lost shopping bags! I ordered these retro styled shopping bags ages ago. In fact, yesterday morning I was just wondering what to do about the mystery of the missing parcels when the postman walked in. "Oh. you are here" he said looking confused. I replied; "Yes. We have been here for two weeks." It turns out he has redirected all our mail and parcels because he "couldn't find a number on the shop"- Helloooo!?! I had to restrain myself from saying "It's the same number its been for the last 30 years. Just- because- a- shop takes- down- the- old- sign- to- put- up- a- new- sign- doesn't- mean- the- number -changes." I couldn't bring myself to shout at him either because he looked genuinely confused and quite sweet (if a little dim) all at the same time, so I phoned the depot instead and had a moan to them.

Of course, all Royal Mail seems to do these days is apologise. "Sorry for the strike, sorry for losing your parcel, sorry for throwing your "fragile" marked parcel over the gate, sorry for the delay, sorry the postman lost your card" etc etc... I will have to rely on the good will of my suppliers to pay the postage again. As I calmed down to a mild panic I realised, among those parcels were my shop bags and ribbons to fix my price tags to everything. I was about to renew my complaints when a van pulled up outside the shop and TADAAAAA! My bags arrived via a courier company who do know that we are, and always will be, number 78 Durham Road, West Wimbledon! (rant over.) These bags are special as they are solely to celebrate the first week of our opening and when they run out, I will be using lovely vintage brown paper bags instead. Who says the postman always rings twice?

Now, the pressure was on as we had the traditional sign writer booked to paint the shop sign the following day so Steve had to get the shop front fascia, wood- filled, sanded and two coats of Farrow and Ball 'Slipper Satin' applied. It was a bit of a marathon for him but I think you will agree, it looks wonderful.

While Steve slaved away, I started dressing some of the display, my what fun it was.

Take a look;

Finally the habberdashery drawers have....habberdashery! More to come as we unpack other boxes from the lock up.

I put together some mismatched sets of china tea cup and saucers.

A lovely colour, 1950s book complete with original dust jacket and fold out map in the back pocket.

My old toast rack becomes the new holder for my 'by-the-meter' ribbons.

Some old friends being aired before a special Duck egg blue shelf (painted by yours truly) is mounted on the wall for a vintage toy display)

Vintage French Espresso cups and a Carlton ware teapot from the 30s.

Dressing the shop counter was fun however;I am going to wait to bring the jewellery to the store for security reasons.

The fake cakes are courtesy of a lovely Lady from Carolina, USA. She has a whole shop filled with the most gorgeous, hand made fake cakes! I love her and she is so sweet and thrilled to be selling her wares in London. It is one of the rare exceptions to my British-made policy but one which I am sure you will agree is well worth breaking 'the rules' over.

I had to skidaddle as I was teaching last night so I left my poor husband painting in the twilight.
A lovely new student who lives in West Wimbledon joined us for the first time last night. We were painting and she mentioned she had seen a poor guy up a ladder on her way to work that morning and when she came home, he was still up the same ladder. "Were do you live?" I asked her. " Just off Durham Road" she replied. "That would be my husband-Steve' I replied and we all had a good laugh. The class was so much fun after that and I think the shop was spoken of more than the art for the rest of the evening. I feel very lucky and humbled to have such supportive and loyal students.
After class, Steve and I took Roxy for a walk and stopped off at the shop to have one last look for the day. It looked quite sophisticated in the moonlight. Steve had done a fab job and It felt like the building was holding its breath for its make over the next day. So were we, and we were not to be disappointed.

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  1. can'twait to see the finished sign after all of steves hard toil up the ladder :))