Monday, 19 July 2010

How to move a Victorian shop counter

This has been on my mind. For the past week we have had this living in our garden, a gorgeous glass topped, multi- drawered shop counter. I won it on ebay after a two month battle of wills between the seller and myself. Then there was the tricky task of getting it cleared from her closing down shop in time for the new tenants to move in. We used a fabulous website called Shipley. You post a photo or a link to the item you have bought on ebay and then various courier companies bid for your business. Jake, an impossibly skinny, joyful and wiry character showed up at nine o'clock one evening while I was teaching an evening painting class in the garden. He had managed to prize the counter out of the clutched fingers of the mean seller in Manchester and drove it down to London in his coveted Mercedes 'Sprint' van. Sadly, there was no room at the inn (our lock up being rammed to the rafters with shop stock) so, due to lease delays, it left nowhere but the garden for it to reside. It was pale green which was pretty but a little beaten up so Steve set about giving it a spruce up.

Last Sunday evening, at midnight, we decided to put our gazebo up after checking the weather forecast, only to discover it was at the lock up. So we set off to pick it up. I often wonder what our neighbours think when they peer out at 00.45 to see the crazies at 32, setting up a 4 metre gazebo over a shabby beaten up shop counter. Needless to say, it never rained.

So how do you move a 150 kg Victorian shop counter around the corner to ones shop? I know!

Step one

Wait till the cover of night so as to prevent any unnecessary embarrassment.

Step two

Buy a sack barrow from B&Q - assemble.

Step three

Strap to said sack barrow.

Step four

Bribe husband with promises of many Magnum ice creams.

Step five

Push down middle of street, avoiding on coming traffic or stealth cyclists.
(managed to walk past loaded skip without so much as a side ways glance! Will have a look tomorrow)

Step Six

Congratulate yourself on the genius of ones third world inspired antics and celebrate the arrival
of a key piece of shop kit!

And that, Ladies and gentleman, is how you do that! *

Today we will be completing the counter and painting the remaining drawers and finally waxing it.

Painting also begins on the front of the shop.

Have a super day everyone. Hx

*I can assume no credit for this stroke of genius, my cunning husband is to blame.xx


  1. FANTASTIC, thoroughly enjoyed reading that. Good luck guys, we wish you well.


    The Daltons xx

  2. Steve and Holly enjoying reading the blog and loving the picture story book x

  3. you're an inspiration and you both look so HAPPY! :) x

  4. I want 2 buy the dog!!!!
    HOW MUCH is that doggy in the window x