Tuesday, 20 July 2010



To say that we are fatigued is an understatement. Even Roxy won't get out of bed this morning. I think it has to do with our age and the dawning possibility that a body in it's late 30's just 'aint what it used to be in the hay days of the early 30's. Does anyone else out there agree?

Yesterday felt like the graveyard shift, seemingly little progress was made. Even the nosey parker lady from Busy Bees cleaning agency upstairs said "I think I see some progress." She was being polite.

So what did we achieve;

1) Steve laboriously removed the masking tape from the inside windows (made more pesky by the fact that it was i) cheap and nasty ii) baked on by 30 degrees + sunshine iii) applied by yours truly) and cleaned all traces of paint (as well as the previous tenant's smatterings of brown wood varnish) with white spirits. Looks great.

2) We took down the ancient fascia boards and hoardings as well as the lamps which were dangling like a 6 year old's teeth during apple eating. Amazingly they still worked but we won't be using them so wires were made safe and into the back room (fondly known as the graveyard) the lamps and boards were cast.

3) Steve measured up for our new signage while ............

4)...... I booked a traditional sign writer to visit us next Thursday to hand paint our shop sign. More about him coming soon (and the 99.9% possibility that it will rain that day).

5) I tackled my nemesis - a 1940's cane chair which I have been putting off up-cycling because of the nature of hand painting cane..grrrrrrrrr, but be painted it must!




6) I also began sorting some linen and vintage fabrics for the next task; sewing the seat cushion for my nemesis. (more on this to follow)

7) Steve started preparing the shop front for painting, sanded and masked (this time with proper tape) so that today we could get a base coat down.

8) I lined a dozen drawers with various vintage wallpapers.

So what new truths have we gleaned from our experience so far:

1. Humour is the best medicine.

2. Smoothing things over with the 'drug dealers' upstairs should possibly be a priority.

3. Cheap masking tape is a false economy.

4. Who says the Yellow pages is obsolete!

And so it was very late last night that we dragged our very sorry 30-something year old arses home, leaving the shop in a bit of a mess to face this morning- Which is why Roxy and I simply will not get out of bed.


Have a super Tuesday everyone!


  1. Oh my word! I am tired just reading your blog! Wait til you hit your 40's guys!
    You are doing a fabulous job! Can't wait to see the final product!! When is the Official Opening?

  2. Debs, please don't mention the big four zero..... it's a swear word in this house :-D

    We are hoping to open on the 31st but it all depends on certain factors falling into place, a bit of luck on our side and Holly taking delivery of her new whip.... she broke the last one and my back hasn't quite recovered yet. Hee Hee.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement.... we need them. xxx