Monday, 26 July 2010


Yesterday's theme was BLUE. Blue paint, blue moods. I began the day by mixing a pot of Duck Egg blue with a large amount of white. My aim was to paint up an old 1960s telephone bench which I had bought for £5 at the Nuthill farm Car boot sale. Steve and I had lost each other in the 600-odd stalls and after an hour of looking for him, I had given up and shopped. It was 30 degrees+ and we were both grumpy and sun burnt by the time we ran into each other and Steve uttered the forbidden words; "What did you buy that for?" Needless to say it was flung into the back of the lock up never to be spoken of again, that is until yesterday when it resurfaced and I set about revamping it (and my honour as chief buyer and design guru).

Exhibit One

1960s Telephone table complete with leatherette seat

Exhibit Two

Sanded and wiped down in preparation for blue paint.

Exhibit Three

First coat of blue paint applied, then re- sanded and wiped, then second coat applied.

Exhibit Four
Leatherette cushion to be covered in red polka dot fabric and Union Jack cushion back adds a cheeky touch. Ai chi-chi!

Exhibit Five

One big "I TOLD YOU SO" to my husband and one less piece of furniture ending up in a landfill.
Just look at those lovely sleek lines. Who could ever chuck something that lovely away?

Once I had completed my telephone bench, I realised I had mixed enough blue paint to paint the Titanic so I set about painting a plate rack. That went quickly and I had only made the tiniest dent in my ocean of blue so I looked for something else to paint and found an early 1920's (between the wars) book shelf that had been made in the Royal Chelsea hospital by a recovering war veteran. It is really useful and I thought it might look good to display some of my vintage Ladybird books on. I also painted the legs of a small tapestry foot stool.

The rest of the paint was stored in a jam jar and lives to fight another day as Steve was worried I might paint him if he stood still long enough.

Looking positively Smurf-like, (blue paint will do that to you) I popped out to the shop to buy something for lunch and on the way, passed a charity shop with a curious looking magazine rack of sorts in the window. I walked past, got the lunch, but on the way back decided there was something rather interesting about it, so I popped in and bought it for a couple of quid. It is pink, (surprise, surprise!) and has a 'Baroque' feel to it complete with porcelain insets with images of the gentry of around the 1800s. I am sure it is a late reproduction but interesting nonetheless and it might make for an interesting 'boudoir' piece for somebody.

After our much needed sustenance, we managed to shift the 'blues' which we both felt we had woken up with. (Probably just a little not enough siesta or fiesta induced). Steve had spent all day battling that shop front. Honestly, he is a saint. It just gos on and on and on! Endless BROWN! By close of play he had just about managed to cover the lot and began a second coat on the first arch.

We left the shop last night with piles of unsorted but tantalizing stock awaiting our attention but, tomorrow is another day. Off home for bangers and mash and another Sunday night institution in our house, 'Top Gear.'

Toodlepips everybody

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  1. You guys are amazing!The shop is going to look gorgeous!! I so wish we could be there for the grand opening!!Just remember ..."All work and no play......"
    Love you guys!
    Your "SA sister"