Friday, 23 July 2010


..and the fatigue has turned into madness. Steve sporting his new head gear, 'The Roxy Toupe.'

It was raining today, so we decided to take a break from painting the shop front and took a trip down to the lock up, to bring back a car load of shop furniture for painting including our most beloved, Victorian habberdashery counter, purchased from an old bridal shop in Portsmouth.

First, we set about tidying up the shop and arranging our paints in the back room.

Then we took the counter apart and began painting the inner carcass, which holds the gradated drawers.

Other shelves and smaller display items were propped up around the shop to be painted as and when we get to them.
But, my favourite new arrival was the tatty box, delivered off the back of a van, by a rather bemused delivery man; our Nicholas&Steele rubber stamp! I had been trying to find a company who could print vintage luggage tags, but to no avail. Steve spotted a box of tags on ebay and together with my fabulous designer friend, Talitha, we set about preparing a design for a stamp which Vistaprint rushed to us in 48 hours! The excitement as we assembled and then stamped our first price tag was palpable. (sad I know!) but...Tadaaaaaaaa!

I was delighted and set about stamping another 500!

I then priced up our first item - my homemade bunting.

then several other bits;

We also had a visit from the Barclay card machine lady. We have signed up for a very swanky, mobile card reader which can be used like a mobile phone. If we want to, we can even take it to fairs, fetes etc. and can take all card payments (including Amex!) anywhere, were there is a mobile signal. Cool!

Our day was punctuated by a visit from Lania and her mom Margie, followed by a mercy stop from the lovely Monique who came bearing gifts - two delicious Jam donuts for tea time.

We also had fun with four BT technicians who were upgrading the area in readiness for the new fibre optic network outside our shop. Many cups of tea were made and altogether not enough work done, but we had a laugh and enjoyed the company.

Relations with the 'drug dealers upstairs' remain unimproved as yet another swanky car was parked up in front of our NO PARKING sign - AGAIN! Grrrrrrrrr...........

By 11 pm Roxy had, had enough of her role as shop dog and was dreaming of her bed. we decided to pack it in and head home.

We left last night feeling, for the first time, more like shop owners and less like contractors.

Roll on the 31st!
Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. Holly the shop looks wonderful, looks like you two are making real progress with getting it up and running. Your blogs have been soooo good so far and some of them are hilarious. I can't wait till we get to come up to london and see it first hand i'm sure it will look superb! Any way good luck with finishing the shop and make sure steve does what hes told :)
    lots of hugs and kisses,
    love jade xxxxxx